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The Hard 90 Way: Life Lessons Through Baseball

Hard 90 is more than a term that defines running the 90 feet from home to first as fast as you can.

Hard 90 is a mindset, it is an approach to the game, it is a way of life!

1. Do Your Best

Hard 90 believes that you should do your very best every day. Some days you will be 0-4 and some days you will be 4-4 - but in the end you rest easy because you know you did the very best you could.

Part of doing your best is showing up on time - prepared, giving your best attitude and effort - and as Hard 90 Founder Coach Sudsy likes to say attack every pitch with PU:purpose and urgency and focus on WIN: what's important now!

2. Pick Up Your Teammates

Baseball (like life) is a team sport. In order to reach your highest potential you need a strong team. Developing a strong team requires commitment to each other, encouragement for each other, working together toward a common goal and stepping up when a teammate slips.

3. Want It More

Much of the success we have in baseball and in life is not determined by what happens to us - but by how we react to it. Coach Sudsy likes to ask are you "paper, wood, or rock." When the going gets tough, paper folds every time, wood breaks some of the times - but rock stands the test of time - calm, cool and collected ready to take the information learned and apply it to the next task.

Hard 90 says you have to want it more than the next guy - when the going gets tough find a way to overcome.

4. Always Learn

Every person you meet and circumstance you encounter offers you an opportunity to win by learning. To become the highest level you can in baseball (and life) you need to seek out new information and always learn.

In our experience, following these principles allows our players to reach their potential in baseball and in life. This is the Hard 90 Way.

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