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Body Language = Toughness Level

Every game you play is a grind - pitch by pitch.

You will get calls that go your way and calls that don't.

You will get hops that go your way and hops that don't.

You will call pitches that go your way and pitches that don't.

Your coach will make substitutions that go your way and substitutions that don't.

The very best players understand the key is to win more pitches than the other team.

These players attack each pitch with the same mentality - focus, composure and intent.

They also understand that it is not what happens to you - it is how you react to it that counts.

You have to want it more than your competition.

Keeping good posture is critical to winning the pitch to pitch grind.

Coaches, parents and officials all have a role in developing players with the right focus and intent.

We see it on the field every weekend - when an umpire makes a bad call - the focus goes to how the team was treated unfairly, many times teams will lose focus for the next two or three pitches when that happens - however, the focus should be on the next pitch - and how we will compete to win that one.

You can train the next pitch mentality. You need to surround yourself with coaches and players that believe that the most important pitch is the next one.

Interested in training in an environment where this focus. mentality is taught and expected? Check out Hard 90 teams: Youth and High School.

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