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See Ball - Hit Ball - Easy?

"See the Ball - Hit the Ball," said Pete Rose.

That's it. It's that easy. That's the secret to hitting?

Pete Rose after all is the MLB hit leader.

But is that what he was talking about?

See the Ball - Hit the Ball - is a great mind set at the plate. And a great approach on game day.

Mindset is everything in hitting. A simple - positive thought in your head before you get in the box:

-see the ball - hit the ball

-drive the baseball

-do damage

-hit the ball hard

-the list goes on

So- when the 3rd base coach or parents in stands shout instructions about body parts:

-get your foot down

-keep your head on it

-keep you front shoulder in

or..ideas about the ball:

-let the ball travel

-let it get deep

-ball below your hands

Does this help the hitter? Is this the last thing you want your hitter thinking about when he steps back in the box?

The great hitters win the battle before game day. They have developed routines for everything from the dugout, to on deck, to pitch to pitch adjustments in the box. But all of these are practiced thousands of times before game day.

In our hitting programs - Power Hitting, Advanced Power Hitting and High School Hitting - we work on these routines with hitters to make sure game day is simple.

So on game day - yes - See the Ball - Hit the Ball is a fine approach.

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