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Rick Sundberg Has Worked With Top Hitters In the Game

Hard 90 Founder Rick Sundberg has been working with top hitters for over 30 years. Many of Rick's hitting students have gone on to both collegiate and professional levels of baseball. This is what a couple of his current players had to say:

Brent Jones, Oakridge Class of 2022

"I have worked with Coach Rick for a number of years at Hard 90. Rick is the best teacher around. He is able to connect with kids and teach them the details of being a great hitter! I highly recommend Coach Rick to all young hitters looking for an edge."

Nate Huarte, Liberty Ranch, Class of 2018

"Rick Sundberg’s hitting lessons are intriguing to watch. From his intense but gentle manner to his blunt but very accurate information. He transforms his students into hitting machines. Rick has a very good eye in identifying flaws in his students swing. If you listen to his instruction and apply his philosophy I promise you that your son or daughter will become an above average hitter."

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