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Key Travel Ball Questions

It is that time of year again for Travel Baseball Tryouts. Hard 90 has been hosting teams in travel baseball since 2005. As you evaluate the best team for your player, Hard 90 wants to make sure you answer all of the key questions:

  1. What are you looking for out of travel ball? (become an elite player, fun, etc.)

  2. How long has the organization been around?

  3. What is the organization's track record for developing players?

  4. Who is the coach?

  5. Is the coach an employee?

  6. Does the organization do background checks on its coaches?

  7. What is the coaches playing experience?

  8. More importantly, what is the coaches coaching experience?

  9. What curriculum is taught at the organization? (common curriculum or individual coach)

  10. What is the organization's philosophy on development?

  11. What technology does the organization use to develop players?

  12. What is the organizations feedback mechanism for player development?

  13. When does the organization practice? (location, times and frequency?)

  14. How many tournaments does the team play?

  15. How many players are on the roster?

  16. What is the organizations philosophy on play time?

  17. How long does the season run?

  18. What is the financial commitment (flat fee or pay per event?)

  19. What is the organizations philosophy on other sports?

  20. What is the organizations philosophy on rec ball?

The team at Hard 90 Baseball hopes these questions help you make the right decision for your player on travel baseball.

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