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December's Winning ⚾️🥎 Strategy

December isn't just the holiday season; it's also an excellent time for baseball and softball players to gain an edge for the upcoming season. Here are four essential things you can do this December to make it your best baseball/softball season ever:

1. Start Hitting Now:

  • Little League Power Hitting at Hard 90: Little leaguers can kickstart their hitting skills with Hard 90's specialized Power Hitting program. It's never too early to develop a powerful swing and build confidence at the plate.

  • Jr. High Hitting at Hard 90: Travel ball and junior high players can refine their hitting techniques at Hard 90's Jr. High Hitting program. Consistent practice now can lead to outstanding performance in the spring.

  • High School Hitting at Hard 90: High school players can gain a competitive edge with Hard 90's High School Hitting program. Elevate your hitting game through expert coaching and rigorous training.

2. Throwing and Pitching:

  • Power Pitching for Little Leaguers: Young pitchers can get a head start on their peers with Hard 90's Power Pitching program. Learn proper mechanics and develop arm strength for precision and velocity.

  • Strive for Jr. High and Combine for High School: Aspiring pitchers can fine-tune their skills through Hard 90's specialized programs, preparing for the challenges of junior high and high school competition. Fielders can also significantly increase their arm strength.

3. Strength and Conditioning:

  • Strive for Jr. High and Combine for High Schoolers: Building strength and endurance is crucial for success. Join Strive for Jr. High and Combine for High School programs to enhance your physical capabilities.

4. Baseball Fundamentals:

  • Holiday Camp for Little Leaguers: Little leaguers can have fun while honing their baseball fundamentals at Hard 90's Holiday Camp. Learn the essentials of the game, improve skills, and enjoy the holiday season on the diamond.

By taking advantage of these opportunities in December, you'll be well-prepared for the upcoming baseball/softball season. Don't wait until spring to get in the game—start now and make this your best season ever!


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