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#collegebound Multiple Offers

Summer 2019 was a great summer for Tommy. While Tommy got limited action on his high school team this year, his arm tool has really come into his own. As a right handed pitcher, he is up to 94MPH on the mound - with a devastating hammer at 76MPH.

Tommy was ready to showcase in summer 2019 and the college coaches were ready to see Tommy. Heading into the summer, Tommy created a profile on College Baseball Match and researched the schools that were a good MATCH.

Ahead of the summer season, Tommy emailed coaches at each of the schools he is interested in - an introduction, his College Baseball Match resume and video. He followed up each email with a phone call to the college coach. During these phone calls, Tommy confirmed that each one of the events he was planning on attending with his summer team - coaches would be there to see him pitch.

Tommy has played out his summer schedule. He had some really good outings and some so/so outings - but at every outing he displayed his 89-91 MPH fastball and his 74-76MPH breaking ball. After each outing, he had conversations with college coaches - discussing their interest in Tommy and how their program could benefit Tommy.

As the summer winds down, Tommy has 3 PAC 12 offers and 2 SEC offers. The offers range from 50% to 80%. With Tommy in the drivers seat now, he is leveraging the College Baseball Match Notebook to make sure he asks each coach the right questions to determine the best fit.

Over the next two months, Tommy will visit each school where he received an offer to see the facilities and make sure each of his questions are answered as he plans to sign his letter of intent in November.

This is the first summer that Tommy hit the showcase circuit. The past three years, Tommy has been training in a program in his hometown similar to the Hard 90 Baseball Combine - where he has increased his velocity - while putting on weight and improving his general athleticism.

No offers - no problem - you can log on to College Baseball Match right now - to see exactly where you stand in the college baseball recruiting process.

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