#1 Most Underrated Development Skill

April 29, 2019

 The #1 most underrated skill being developed today is coachability.


There are three traits that define a coachable player:

1. Humble - the ability to realize that regardless of how good you currently are that there is a ton more to learn.  

2. Open - the belief that you can learn something from all situations and people.

3. Interest - desire to truly listen to coaches and understand situations, comprehend teachings and apply them agains the current knowledge base.


The top killers of coachability are:

1. Arrogance - the belief that you are better than your teammates, your coach, and lack of interest in what they could they possibly teach you.

2. Excuses - blaming circumstances on something outside of your control - the coach, the umpire or your teammates.

3. Negativity - focus on the bad events or poor circumstances - instead of searching for the solution and what you can learn.


What you can do to enhance your coachability:

1. Respect - your coach, your team and your opponents realizing that every interaction could make you better.

2. Listen - with the intent that what is being said may be that key learning that will make you better.

3. Desire  - to become better than you are today.


Be a coachable player and you will win more on the field and certainly in life!

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