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The Dean of College Baseball Joins Hard 90

Last week, Hard 90 announced new baseball leadership. This week we catch up with one of those new leaders: Dean Stotz.

Why did you choose to join Hard 90? I have been in baseball my whole life. After retiring from coaching six years ago I just felt the urge to get back into the game with more of my time. Why Hard 90—that is easy—I felt the people I would be working with at Hard 90 are the kind of people I want to be around – honest, hard working, enthusiastic, and of the highest moral character.

What are you going to do at Hard 90? Hopefully impart some of my 40+ years of wisdom to the young people I work with in a way that they can grasp the concept(s) I am trying to explain to them. I have been told many times I have a unique ability to explain the same thing in many different ways. Everyone’s mind works in different ways so I always felt a great teacher was one who could adapt his teaching style to fit various students learning style.

How can you help Hard 90 players achieve their goals? As I said above, I have been able to help many players achieve playing at the highest level. I believe my background allows to help a player set realistic future baseball goals. Having coached so many years and running the most highly acclaimed baseball camp (the Stanford All Star baseball camps) I personally know baseball coaches in every region of the country and at every level of college baseball. There are very few college baseball coaches who would not take my call should I call them on a player’s behalf.

Can you share a story of a great moment in your baseball career? Winning the College World Series in 1987 and 1988. Being the first recipient ever of ABCA / Baseball America Assistant Coach of the Year award—this highest honor in America for an assistant coach.

What are you most proud of from your baseball career? This is easy—my lifelong relationship with ex-players, most of whom did not make professional baseball their career. I have had the most incredible life! My father told me many years ago the quality of your life will be based on the “quality of your relationships” and boy was he right!! My ex-players know they can call on me at any time and I will be there to help them!

Hard 90 Baseball is very fortunate to have Dean Stotz on the team.

Dean Stotz, 37 year associate head coach from Stanford Baseball. While Dean was coaching at Stanford, the baseball team had 36 winning seasons, appeared in 28 NCAA regionals -winning 17, of the 17 super regional appearances they won 6, appeared in 14 College World Series, where they reached the finals 5 times and won two World Series. During Dean's tenure, Stanford players were drafter 174 times, including 25 first round picks. Sixty-three of the players reached Major League Baseball, including Cy Young Award Winner Jack McDowell and Hall of Famer Mike Mussina. Dean is the founder of the Stanford All Star Baseball Camps and maintains relationships with hundreds of coaches at the DI, DII, DIII and NAIA levels of college baseball.


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