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Baseball is hard. Three times a game your player steps up to the plate by himself. If your player pitches, then he is out on that mound all by himself. Baseball is a sport of failure - the best players fail more than they succeed. 

Yet, to be the best, the best players have an edge.  They have confidence knowing that their training is better than everyone else's. 


Speaking of training - get started training with the BEST professionals at Hard 90! 

 2 Private Lessons - Only $29 

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Hard 90's Professional Instructors will make sure your training starts right with 2 private lessons!

- 30 Minutes with a Professional Hard 90 Instructor

- Posture Drills, Mechanics and Dynamic Assessment

- Recommendations to make this your Best Season Ever

- Only $29 for first time guests (normally $100.)

Only 10 Spots Available in November!  

Call now to reserve your spot: 916-365-4977

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