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Hard 90 has defined and developed a common curriculum to teach the game of baseball and to develop the five player tools (hit, hit for power, run, field, and throw). The genesis of this curriculum came from Roc Murray (33-year high school baseball coach) and has been enhanced and evolved through advisors, including Dean Stotz (Stanford Baseball), Tom Kunis (LA Dodgers), Paul Cogan (LA Dodgers), and Gary Davenport (SF Giants) among others.

The curriculum begins with a common understanding of objectives, proper posture, and movement patterns to accomplish desired results. The curriculum also includes strategies for both sides of the game (offense and defense), as well as drills that start with simulations of movements and scenarios all the way up to the practice of live batted balls. Finally, the curriculum encompasses the "6th Tool" including both the mental game and Baseball IQ.

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