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Advanced Power Hitting

Advanced Power Hitting is a one of a kind class:
  • For Youth and Junior High travel baseball players
  • Offered 7 days a week at The Clubhouse in El Dorado Hills
  • Duration of 1 hour
  • Come to as many classes as you want every week
  • Membership as low as $109/month
  • Includes Weekend Facility Access
  • Discounts on Lessons and Classes
  • The objective of the class is to allow youth and junior high players to learn and develop the fundamentals of hitting.
The class features:
  • Dynamic warmup and stretches to ensure that the muscles are ready to work
  • Posture drills to enable the body to perform the mechanics of hitting with strength and balance
  • The Hard 90 Tee Progression, designed to emphasize correct hitting fundamentals
  • Overhand Front Toss to reinforce a solid approach
  • Live At Bats to simulate game situations
  • Batted ball exit speed training
  • Monthly HitTrax assessments
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