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Hard 90 Alumni Shining in College World Series!

🔥🏆 Join us in rooting on Stanford and our Hard 90 alumni in the College World Series! These talented players exemplify the rewards of hard work and a winning mindset. Let's cheer on Tommy Troy, Jake Sapien, Trevor Haskins, and Ty Uber as they showcase their skills on the national stage!

🌟🔥 Tommy Troy, a multi-time participant in the USA Baseball NTIS and a guest player for the Hard 90 Heat, has been making waves for Stanford Baseball. He is projected 1st round draft pick in the 2023 MLB draft. Joining him is Jake Sapien, a Hard 90 team member in both junior high and high school while playing for the Hard 90 Heat. Trevor Haskins, another USA Baseball NTIS participant and guest player for both the Hard 90 Heat and Legacy Premier, is also leaving his mark. Together with Ty Uber, another accomplished USA Baseball NTIS participant, they embody the possibilities that hard work and dedication can bring.

🙌⚾ As these Hard 90 alumni compete in the College World Series, they serve as an inspiration to all aspiring players. Their journey highlights the potential of baseball and the importance of a relentless work ethic. Join us in wishing them the best of luck as they continue to excel on this incredible stage! #Hard90Pride #CollegeWorldSeries #HardWorkPaysOff


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