How Much Is A Good Coach Worth?

February 11, 2020


Have you ever wondered what a good youth baseball coach is worth?

Those of us that coach at Hard 90 Baseball played at a high level and know that some of our coaches had as big an impact on us as our parents, family and friends.

This is why when we hire a professional coach at Hard 90 Baseball we take great care in thinking about the impact they will have on our amateur athletes.

We do not always get it right - but being a professional coach means a great deal to us. This is why every coach at Hard 90 Baseball

  1. must pass a comprehensive background check.

  2. is screened through a reference process.

  3. has played either professional or collegiate baseball.

  4. has a college degree.

  5. is an employee of Hard 90

  6. brings their own knowledge, expertise and interpretation of the game - but subscribes and contributes to a common Hard 90 curriculum

The average tenure of a Hard 90 coach is currently 6 years at Hard 90 Baseball.

So while you may think you can determine what a coach is worth - we firmly believe that good coaches are priceless.

Keep this in mind when you are interviewing organizations to coach and train your youth athletes. This is more than a game - this is life!

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