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Cooperstown Day 7

Wake up came early again in the barracks. 6:30AM and it was time to get the day started.

Per usual, the boys woke up, reflected on what they needed to do to be successful, made their beds and headed to the showers. The boys again opted for a power bar instead of breakfast and then headed out to the cages to get the Championship Day started.

Here the boys were in the final 16 - set for an 8:30AM date with the undefeated 6th seed Lake Elmo from Minnesota. Since the boys were the lower seed, we would be visitors.

As per the normal, Captain Jack Spero got the game started with a bang sending the 1st pitch of the game well over the center field fence for a 1-0 lead.

Brady Rea was on the hill for the Clutch. Lake Elmo was going to be a tough match up and put bat to ball in the 1st inning