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Cooperstown Day 5

The Hard 90 Clutch had an early start on Day 5 needing to play 3 games in one day. Wake up came at 6:30AM.

Once again, the boys saw the importance of the consistent 7:00AM wake up to be able to manage an early start. The boys quickly reflected on what they needed to accomplish for the day, showered, downed an energy bar and then headed off to the batting cages.

As we headed off to the field for our meeting with CBA - it was unclear the effect the late night game would have on the boys. The Clutch was the home team and CBA came to play - with a couple of home runs to start the game and some fielding errors the boys found themselves down 5-0 with no outs in the 1st inning.

At this point, we brought in Jordan Walczykowski to pitch and he was able to get us out of the inning with two strikeouts and a ground ball.

One of the themes for the Clutch for the entire year was accountability to each other. Some of the players had a tough time with the quick turn around and were removed from the game. This is a big life lesson that we teach at Hard 90 to do your very best by being ready to play regardless of the circumstances.

CBA clearly had their #1 pitcher on the mound - sporting a fastball in the low 70s with a strong off speed pitch. Two ks and a pop out and the Clutch was back on defense. Lucky for us, Jordan held serve with a k and two ground outs.

Heading to the bottom of the 2nd, the Clutch was still down 5-0. All that changed on the first at bat, Carter Gustafson took a monstrous hack on the first pitch and fouled it straight back. One of the things that we worked on as a team was an aggressive approach at the plate - “big daddy hacks” - as the team called them - so the entire Clutch team encouraged Carter to stay aggressive and their it was on the next pitch, Carter hit a tank putting the 1st run on the board for the Clutch.

One batter later, Taylor Sutton took a “big daddy hack” and the score was now 5-2 in favor of CBA - but you could feel the momentum of the game subtly shifting.

Two more ks and a pickoff and Jordan had the Clutch back in the dugout to hit again. Back at the top of the order - singles by Jordan and Ben Ransi and Carter Gustafson found himself at the plate with 2 outs and a chance to tie the ball game. Carter wasted no time on on the first pitch hit a no doubter to tie the game 5-5. New ball game and a strong momentum shift.