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#collegebound Chasing Twitter VS. Reaching Goals

Are you chasing Twitter fame or grinding to reach your goals?

Just yesterday, once again, a national baseball exposure company tweeted about a dude - Class of '21 up to 72MPH on the bump, but projectable. The company tweeted, the player tweeted, his parents tweeted. It was a rush - someone call him a dude - projectable - he was happy, mom and dad were happy...and the company was happy - because they had $350 from the player that entered their showcase.

This kid maybe a dude - but not on the baseball field - 72MPH is 72MPH - not recruitable at the DI level - yet there it is on twitter for everyone to see for about 30 seconds.

What you did not see on Twitter was our guy. He is a 2021 too. He is up to 80MPH on the mound. He did not go to any exposure events this summer. Instead, he is training and playing with a local team.

Through College Baseball Match he knows he is not yet recruitable by D1 coaches - so he trains - while no one watches.

What you also did not see on Twitter is that our 2021 had 4 meaningful conversations with college coaches this past week about upcoming camps. Two DI coaches and two DII coaches.

Our 2021 told the DI coaches about his size (6'3 and 200LBS) and that he was only up to 80MPH- but that he was joining the combine at Hard 90 Baseball to get his velocity up and that he is interested in investing in their camp to build a relationship - planning for when he reached his goal of 89MPH by next summer. The conversations lasted approximately 15 minutes and our guy will be at their camps.

Our 2021 received a very warm welcome from the DII coaches that were very interested in him attending their camps. The DII coaches have not even begun recruiting 2021s and were thrilled that a player that was on the cusp today of reaching DII numbers would be