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#collegebound THE PROCESS

Over the last five years, College Baseball Match and Hard 90 Baseball have partnered to provide aspiring players the right information and training to achieve their dream of playing baseball in college.

We have found that one fo the top challenges players face on their journey is navigating high school baseball. Some of the hot button topics include:

1. Summer baseball - which summer team to play on, whether to travel or not to travel, which camps and showcases to attend, among other struggles,

2. High School Baseball - playing time, coaching, transferring schools, politics and many more,

3. Aspects of training - 5 tool development vs. baseball IQ, consistency of training, and strength and conditioning,

4. The Recruiting Process - early commits, how coaches recruit, how to get noticed and much more.

Speaking of process, the journey to college baseball is a process that begins with high school. The very best players in college focused on becoming the very best they could be in high school. Most of the college baseball players were impact players in high school. (Impact player equals player with most at bats and offensive production on high school team or #1 or #2 pitcher in terms of innings and results.)

Today we hear too much about players not getting their shot, or being the victim of politics and the reality of most of these situations is that their player is not good enough or did not take care of business off the field to get their shot. High school coaches want to win and if a given player is demonstrably better than any other player on the team (a true impact player) - that player will get their shot.

So step one on your journey to college is to become an impact player in high school. No excuses, no politics - just a ton of hard work.