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Travel Baseball: Are You Playing The Best Competition

Travel baseball gives players an opportunity to play the best competition. Playing the best competition creates the best players.

By playing the best competition, the game moves faster. Players are forced to make adjustments to have success. Further - players need to put more time into practice to experience success. So, players also learn the importance of routines and all around good practice.

That said, playing the best competition does require a certain level of commitment to the game.

We see that elite hitters are practicing hitting 5 to 6 days a week. These hitters develop a strong understanding of what they are trying to accomplish at the plate - and are making pitch to pitch adjustments. These hitters are facing quality pitchers that can locate and change speeds - requiring a plan at the plate.

Pitchers are on a defined throwing program that includes arm care, training multiple days a week and shutting their arms down twice a year. These pitchers are also facing the best hitters - so they learn that just throwing the ball over the heart of the plate does not work. They learn to pitch.

Fielders are constantly working on their craft. Infielders carry a lacrosse ball - so they are ready all the time to work on their glove. They are challenged in game by hitters that hit the ball hard and run fast - requiring proper and efficient movements to complete plays.

One of the most important aspects of playing the best competition is learning to deal with failure. By playing the best competition - you will not succeed all the time - so players are forced to meet failure head on. They learn to turn a loss into a win by learning!

Interested in playing the best competition? Check out our teams.

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