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The PERFECT Blueprint to Play College Baseball

Parents ask us all the time what is the perfect path to college baseball.

In fact, just this last week a parent in our junior high program asked us what it would take for his son to play college baseball.

Our response:

1. Know where you want to go. College is a big decision and thoroughly researching colleges on www.collegebaseballmatch.com will allow you to learn about the key academic, athletic, financial and social aspects of all 4 year colleges that offer baseball in the United States.

2. Know what it takes to get there. Of coarse - you have to be able to play baseball at your desired school - but did you know that College Baseball Match can give you the specific baseball attributes you need to have to play at your desired school. But baseball is just start of the equation. You need to know the academic standards and financial requirements for your desired school as well.

3. Train with the best coaches. Now that you know what it takes to get to your desired school, you need experts to train you. Most people start and stop their search with where their coach played - that is a very short sided way to look at selecting a trainer. The most important things to consider are does the coach have a track record of producing athletes at your level, do they have a plan, do they test your tools, and do you see progress on those tools over a sustained period of time.

4. Listen to the coaches. This is an important one - in order to achieve your goals - you MUST listen to your coaches. There is a process to becoming better at baseball - the journey is not a straight line - it takes time and if you have selected the best coaches then there goes the saying "Trust the Process."