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What's The Deal: No Fall High School Teams

Hard 90 Baseball has a long standing tradition of not having high school club teams in the fall. The reason for this is multifaceted:

1. We believe August through November is a great time to take advantage of a break from the grind of the high school season and tournament ball. This break offers a great time to play another sport, focus on strength and conditioning gains in the weight room, give the arm a rest, get a leg up in the classroom and win a spot on your high school varsity team.

2. Most high school programs run a fall program focused on teaching the Xs & Os of the game in a low key environment to get a leg up in the spring. We believe that high school players that are trying to earn a spot on their varsity team should participate in these fall workouts and games.

3. By taking a break from the active game schedule, athletes can truly focus on tool development. The 5 Tools of Baseball Can Be Trained and should be prioritized in the fall to insure that you are ready to have the best spring ever! Our friends at College Baseball Match have been out to most of the Sacramento Area high schools to take initial testing on the 5 tools. This is a great baseline from which to start your training.

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