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Another year of high school baseball is off to a great start! Whether this is your first year in high school, or you are a veteran senior, it is critical that you keep in mind your goals.

If your goal is to play college baseball, then you need to use the next 90 days of the high school season to get better. Getting better starts in practice - are you getting the reps required to up your game?

As we mentioned in the best hitter article, the elite hitters are hitting 5 days a week and getting ~150 quality hacks at each practice. These hitters are breaking down the elements of the swing in posture drills, they hit off the tee in each session and each rep has a target they are trying to hit.

Are you getting 150 quality hacks in 5 days a week at practice? If not, then you need to consider how to use your down time at practice better. If you are in a hitting group with 3 guys and you are the odd man out (not hitting at the moment), instead of using the time to chat - take some dry swings. Set specific goals before practice and stay late to accomplish them if you have to.

To play the hitting analogy further, all things being equal - if you are the top hitter on your team and you take the same reps as your team you will progress at the rate of your team. If you are not the top hitter on your team and you want to improve your standing - then you need to outwork your team by taking additional reps.

You can get the additional reps by staying late after practice, work on your day off or taking advantage of a program like High School Open Hitting at Hard 90 offered 6 days a week to work around your high school schedule.

Above we discussed progressing in the hit and hit for power tool, but the same applies to the run, throw and field tool as well. In order to improve your spot on the team and ultimately, make your dream of playing college baseball - you need to set goals, develop habits that make the most of every hour of the day and most importantly outwork the competition - #workwhilenooneiswatching for your #bestseasonever.

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